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A New Smile in One Day

Have you recently lost a tooth or suffering from extreme tooth pain? The absence of a tooth or imminent tooth loss due to decay can make one feel less than thrilled about their smile. 

Whether you are missing one tooth or suffer from a large tooth gap, Facial Designs, P.A. has helped patients all over the Excelsior and Minnetonka, MN area with the solution of same day dental implants. Dr. Roderick VanSurksum can help you restore your smile and create the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Our state-of-the-art-technology and highly trained dental team can resolve the issue of missing teeth within one appointment.

Instead of waiting the weeks or months between appointments required with traditional dental implants, our same day dental implants allow you to replace missing teeth and complete treatment within the same day. Dr. VanSurksum is a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon with the experience and training to ensure your same day dental implants are successful. 

If you have lost a tooth or require a tooth extraction, Dr. VanSurksum can replace the tooth on the same day with a dental implant without the wait. Contact our office to schedule an appointment today and ask about our same day dental implants.

Benefits of Same Day Dental Implants

Traditional implants typically require months in between appointments compared to same day dental implants. Our teeth in a day service allows you to bypass the long wait time and restore your missing teeth right away. 

The benefits of same day dental implants include:

To ensure the success of your same day dental implants, patients need to meet certain criteria. Your dentist will look for overall good oral health and no smoking. 

Patients who smoke or are suffering from gum disease, poor oral health, bruxism, auto immune, or chronic disease are not good candidates for this treatment. These factors tend to hinder implant fusion with the bone and increase chances of infection, leading to implant failure. 

Schedule an appointment with Dr. VanSurksum to learn more about our same day implant services and see if you are a candidate.

Our Same Day Implant Process

Facial Designs, P.A. features a cutting-edge in-house lab that allows us to create restorations for your implants quickly and efficiently. Dr. VanSurksum will take digital 3D images of your mouth to begin designing your implant and restoration. 

Same day tooth extractions can easily be accomplished during the same appointment and may be necessary to remove damaged teeth before inserting your implant. Whether you need a single tooth, a full arch, or a full mouth restoration, we can help you! 

Your surgery will be completed under sedation to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. During surgery, your restoration will be fabricated in our lab to ensure a natural look that restores your smile. Once your one-day implants are placed, your restoration will be attached completing your same day implant or same day denture.

Following your surgery, you may experience gum and facial swelling, mild bleeding, and moderate pain. Your dental team will provide advice on post operative care to help ensure comfort and successful healing. 

Each patient is different but healing typically averages between three to six months to allow fusion of the implant and bone. Post operative care, good oral hygiene, not smoking, and monitoring gum health are ways to help prevent implant failure as you heal. 

If you have questions regarding insurance coverage or our financing options for same day dental implants, please contact our office right away to our team and learn more. You deserve to be proud of your smile! 

Contact our office today to learn if same day implants are for you.

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