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Our friendly and experienced team is excited to meet you! We are dedicated to providing you with comfortable, high-quality care, and you can rely on us to give you our full attention throughout your visit and to communicate openly and honestly with you to help you understand your treatment options. Call Facial Designs, P.A. today to set up an appointment with Dr. Roderick VanSurksum, our Board Certified oral surgeon in Minnetonka or Excelsior, Minnesota, and learn more. The staff at Facial Designs has something of which to be very proud! We now have 100% of our surgical staff “DAANCE” qualified! “DAANCE” stands for the Dental Anesthesia Assistant National Certification Examination and is a program designed to educate staff in the essentials of office-based ambulatory anesthesia and emergency protocols. So now, in addition to meeting all requirements for licensure to provide office-based anesthesia here in Minnesota, the nurses and assistants at Facial Designs have taken the extra step to ensure the safety of all our patients and completed this six-month program to strengthen their skills and knowledge. Congratulations Lisa, Michelle and Tammy and thank you for your hard work!
Dr. Rod VanSurksum

Oral Surgeon

Dr. Roderick D. VanSurksum


Licensed Dental Assistant & Dental Implant, Total Design!™ & Media Coordinator Team PhysEd Coach — or at least our inspiration! 37 years of experience in oral and maxillofacial surgery!


Meet Carol, the Director of Operations at Facials Designs. Carol is a seasoned healthcare professional with over twenty years of experience in dental practice management.

Carol is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of our practice, ensuring we run efficiently and effectively. With a keen eye for detail and her knack for problem-solving, you will find her working diligently to develope a course of action to assure continuous improvement and growth.

“I am honored to be working with such an awesome Team and look forward to our future!”


Amy has been working with Dr. Van for over 20 years. She can practically finish his sentences by now! She began her career at Facial Designs in accounts payable and marketing and has since transitioned into the Treatment Coordinator role at our practice. This means Amy helps our new patients find a treatment plan that best suits their wants and needs.

Amy loves connecting with our patients and genuinely cares about each and everyone. Her favorite part is watching patients leave with a happy, healthy and beautiful smile!


Registered Nurse, Presurgery Medical Coordinator & Advanced Cardiac Life Support Team Member Voice of reason for the entire office. 21 years of experience in oral and maxillofacial surgery!


Patient Care & Insurance Coordinator Jack of All Trades 52 years of experience in oral and maxillofacial surgery!


Licensed Dental Assistant & Supply Coordinator Dr. VanSurksum’s personal psychologist. This includes getting him a Snickers and a cup of coffee when required. 30 years of experience in oral and maxillofacial surgery!


Office Manager Need we say more? 22 years of experience in oral and maxillofacial surgery!

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