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Facial Designs, P.A. uses state-of-the-art dental technology to provide your treatments. By combining years of experience with advanced technology, Dr. Roderick VanSurksum can ensure that your procedures meet your unique needs and promote your oral health and function. We invite you to call us today to schedule a consultation with our oral surgeon and learn more about dental technology in Minnetonka and Excelsior, Minnesota. Advancements in dental technology make it easier than ever for us to help every patient achieve exactly what they want to get out of their smile. The technology we use helps bring consistent and predictably exceptional results to each of our patients, every time.

3D CBCT Scans

Dr. Roderick VanSurksum uses 3D CBCT scans to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your oral structures and to plan and provide you with more precise care. Also known as cone beam imaging, this highly detailed imaging technology makes it possible for us to ensure you receive the highest possible quality of care. Contact Facial Designs, P.A. today to learn more about 3D CBCT scans in Minnetonka and Excelsior, Minnesota, and schedule your appointment with our oral surgeon. At our office, we are committed to utilizing advanced dental technology to always provide you with the highest level of dental care.

Cone beam scanning is useful for:

3D Soft Tissue Scans

Dr. Roderick VanSurksum may use a 3D soft tissue facial scan during your exam and treatment planning. This state-of-the-art technology aids in planning your treatment and simulating your treatment outcome so that we can ensure you receive high-quality, individualized care. To make an appointment with our oral surgeon and learn more about 3D soft tissue facial scans in Minnetonka and Excelsior, Minnesota, call Facial Designs, P.A. today. Traditionally, two-dimensional scans have been used to examine the mouth and provide treatments. These images are static and dependent on the angle from which the image is captured, which makes them difficult to work with and prevents our oral surgeon from manipulating the angle and position of the head to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your oral health needs. A 3D scan makes it possible for our oral surgeon and team to tip, tilt and change the angle of the scan, visualizing your face and mouth from every angle. This type of scan also allows us to view the face, teeth, mouth, lips, and hard and soft oral tissues so that we can make a more comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan as well as virtually designing your final result.
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Digital Impressions

Our oral surgeon and team use digital impressions to provide you with more comfortable and precise care. These impressions ensure that your restorations and any oral appliances you may need fit your teeth and mouth perfectly. Digital impressions are a modern, efficient and comfortable way to take precise impressions of your mouth. If you have ever had to have a traditional impression or mold taken in the past, you know that they can be unpleasant and uncomfortable. We are pleased to utilize digital impressions to eliminate the need for messy, goopy impressions. While this technology can make the experience more comfortable for any patient, it is especially good for patients who gag easily. The digital impression system is less invasive than traditional impressions and molds and provides our team with extremely accurate impressions.

Virtual Smile Design

Using digital smile design, our skilled oral surgeon and team can completely redesign your smile! This state-of-the-art technology enables us to customize your cosmetic treatment to meet your aesthetic goals and produce a unique and beautiful solution for your smile. Digital smile design utilizes advanced imaging software to develop a model of your mouth and create an individualized treatment plan. There are several steps involved in this process:
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