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Bone Grafting from a Maxillofacial Expert

As the foundation of your smile, your bone plays an important role in your oral health and function. It supports your teeth and helps preserve your facial structure. But it needs the stimulation of tooth roots to remain dense and strong. When teeth are extracted or lost, the jawbone no longer receives stimulation and will resorb and shrink. Bone loss can lead to shifting and loosening of remaining teeth, loss of lip and cheek support, jaw joint problems, and more. To help ensure that these functional and esthetic consequences do not occur or worsen, we provide bone grafting in Excelsior & Minnetonka, MN. As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, our doctor is especially qualified to offer comprehensive bone grafting services, from socket preservation to sinus lifts. Oral surgeons receive additional years of advanced surgical training outside of dental school in complex bone grafting treatment and are abreast of the latest techniques and materials used in these procedures. As experts in maxillofacial surgery, they are the most qualified to restore bone structure and volume lost due to extensive tooth loss, advanced gum disease, cancer treatment, severe oral trauma, and in cases of congenital deformity. With years of dedicated surgical experience, our oral surgeon at Facial Designs P.A. can restore your jawbone after tooth extraction and prepare you for life-changing dental implants through comfortable, predictable bone grafting treatment.

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Socket preservation is a bone grafting procedure we complete after tooth extraction. This involves packing bone graft material into the empty tooth socket. Socket preservation slows the resorption process where the tooth is missing. It can also help preserve the health of the bone until a dental implant can be placed.
Ridge augmentation refers to a bone grafting procedure that restores the natural density and contours of part or the entirety of a jaw ridge. Restoring healthy bone levels to a jaw arch can make dentures more comfortable and fitted to your gumline.
When bone in the premolar or molar areas of the jaw has lost density or volume, you may benefit from a sinus lift. Gently lifting the sinus cavity, bone grafting material can be placed beneath to restore proper bone height and density. A complex surgery, a skilled oral surgeon is the best choice if you need this treatment.

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The Benefits of Bone Grafting

Bone grafting seems like just a functional treatment meant to improve your oral health. But this treatment also has more widespread benefits. Tooth and bone loss because of decay, trauma, disease, or genetics can lead to numerous problems that affect your ability to eat, facial esthetics, oral and physical health, and personal wellbeing. By restoring bone levels in your jaw, we can treat any infection and disease as well as replace any missing teeth with dental implants in Excelsior & Minnetonka, MN. Having a smile restored to proper function and esthetics can significantly improve your confidence, health, and quality of life!

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