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Restore Your Smile with Full Mouth Dental Implants

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Implants are a Life Changing Solution

Full mouth dental implants are a life changing solution that can restore your smile to the feel and function of natural teeth. If you suffer from missing teeth, you understand the struggles of finding a solution that is comfortable, natural looking, and restores function. 

Dentures and dental bridges are the most used solution for missing teeth and large tooth gaps. As temporary, removable solutions, they often fall short in comfort and restoring the sensation of natural teeth. Full mouth dental implants a permanent way to treat missing teeth and provide additional benefits like preventing bone loss and enhancing oral health. 

Facial Designs, P.A. has helped residents all over the Excelsior and Minnetonka, MN areas achieve the dream smile they’ve always wanted. Dr. Roderick VanSurksum is a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon with the experience and training you need to restore your smile. If you have been searching for a permanent solution to missing teeth, we can help you! 

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Upgrade From Temporary to Permanent

Dentures are one of the most used solutions for the ailment of missing teeth. They are temporary prosthetics custom designed to your mouth to mimic the look and function of natural teeth. Dentures are held in place with an adhesive and they must be removed daily for regular cleaning and application of fresh adhesive.

One of the biggest complaints regarding dentures is their tendency to shift during wear or at times completely fall off. The failure of the adhesive during wear is one of the biggest struggles for denture wearers. The shifting or the complete detachment of dentures during wear, causing clacking and discomfort, is the reason why many begin searching for a permanent solution.

Dentures do not address the underlying problem of bone loss. The lack of tooth roots to support and stabilize the jawbone leads to gradual bone loss over time. Patients suffering from bone loss often suffer from premature again and a “sunken in” look to their features.

Full mouth dental implants provide a permanent solution that looks, feels, and functions just like natural teeth. Dental implants have three components: post, abutment, and restoration. The post is placed directly into the jawbone to create stability and support for your restoration and the surrounding bone.

  • The post acts like your tooth root and aids in preventing bone loss.
  • The abutment attaches to the post and extends beyond the gumline to connect your restoration.
  • The restoration is the visible component to your implant. It is custom designed to look and function like natural teeth.

Restorations are designed by your dentist with factors like skin tone and facial structure in mind to create a natural look. Our cutting-edge in-house lab fabricates everything we need to create your full mouth dental implants customized to you. Full mouth dental implants require the same daily care as natural teeth and are known to last 30 years or more.

Exceptional Patient Care

Facial Designs, P.A. is proud to offer the All-On-Four® to Six protocol to patients of full mouth dental implants. All-On-Four® to Six is a groundbreaking treatment that offers a less invasive, cost-effective way to rejuvenate your smile. 

During your consultation, Dr. VanSurksum will complete a thorough examination and take 3D scans of your mouth to design your customized implant treatment plan and restoration. The day of your surgery, Dr. VanSurksum will strategically place four to six implants directly into the jawbone. Surgery for full arch dental implants is usually conducted under sedation to ensure our patients are comfortable and relaxed. 

Once your implant posts are inserted, a temporary restoration will be placed to allow you to begin enjoying your new full arch dental implants. Healing will take place over the next three to six months. During this time, your implants will fuse to the surrounding bone. Once healing is complete, your final appointment involves the removal of your temporary restoration to be replaced with your permanent, custom designed restoration. 

Your full arch dental implants will enhance your quality of life by giving you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted without the hassle of temporary, removable alternatives.

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An Affordable, Life Changing Solution

At Facial Designs, P.A. we believe everyone should receive the dental treatment and elite patient care they deserve. Compared to temporary, removable alternatives, full arch dental implants require more of an investment. 

However, the long-term benefits of whole mouth dental implants often outweigh the initial hesitance surrounding the cost of full mouth implants. We strive to make our services affordable by utilizing our in-house lab to minimize the costs usually associated with outsourcing fabrication and imaging. 

Our office works with a variety of insurance carriers and financing services to provide affordable avenues to receive treatment. Simply contact our finance office to learn how to maximize your insurance benefits and utilize our financing tools. 

The cost of full mouth dental implants should not hold you back from achieving your dream smile and optimal oral health. Let us show you how full denture implants are a viable solution to missing teeth. 

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